Haychem (Bangladesh) Limited (HBL) is a 100% subsidiary of Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd. registered in Bangladesh Joint stock companies in 1997. Its journey started in Bangladesh from 1st April 1998. Haychem Bangladesh Ltd. has started own distribution business of agrochemical from 2008. Within this short period it becomes a prestigious and quality agro product provider among Bangladeshi farmers. Now its market share over 5 % and increasing day by day. HBL has a presence geographically over 70% of the country and maintaining around 600 distributors.

20 years back when Bangladesh was moving forward to improve its agriculture sector, a young agriculturist SIHM Musfiqur Rahman was determined to join the agriculture revolution. After completing his MBA from Australia, he was seeking to ways to help his country. On the other hand world famous Hayleys PLC from Sri-lanka was also interested to invest in Bangladesh for sustainable improvement in agriculture sector which will help both the country. As their goal was same; Hayleys appointed Mr Musfiq their first country manager of the Bangladeshi venture. Mr Musfiqur stated to work with Hayleys to fulfill his dreams; after 20 years which is now a reality – Haychem (Bangladesh) Limited, a key player in today’s Bangladeshi agriculture sector and is famous for its top quality products.

There were difficulties but with the help of both foreign and local colleagues Mr Musfiq established Haychem as a prominent brand and frontrunner in Bangladeshi agricultural sector. Every member of Haychem family works with the same goal which inspired the inauguration of the company and with the same motto Haychem is moving forward not only in Agri business but also other business sector of Bangladesh at present.