Nutritional Feed Supplement for Livestock & Poultry


  • Contains dibasic calcium Phosphate (DCP) feed grade with
  • Calcium (% w/w) Min. 24.0%
  • Phosphorus (% w/w) Min. 18%
  • Aluminum (% w/w) Min. 2%
  • Fluorine (% w/w) Max. 0.1%
  • Moisture (% w/w) Max. 5.0%


  • Produced from extraction of Calcium Phosphate from Rock Phosphate and the subsequent neutralization of the acid dissolved salt
  • The product offers the most commonly used and economic source of supplementary phosphorus for all livestock
  • The product is of superior quality, physically & microbiologically stable, chemically pure and therapeutically active during its shelf life
  • This product is free from bacterial spores


  • As a source of Calcium and phosphorous in Animal and Poultry Feed.
  • Base for vitamin premixes
  • Provides Calcium & phosphorus which is important for bone and skeletal formation
  • Improves egg shell strength
  • Prevents Rickets in chicks, Osteomalacia, lameness & cage layer fatigue.
  • Improves carbohydrate, protein & fat metabolism

Recommended Inclusion Rate

  • Dibasic Calcium Phosphate provides a good source of dietary Phosphorus, but the actual inclusion levels in rations will very much depend on the species and the other feeds being consumed –

Poultry Feed:0.5-1% of DCP SUPER should mix in the complete feed mixture on regular basis.

Cattle Feed:1% of DCP SUPER should mix in the complete feed mixture on regular basis

25 kg Plastic Bag