Hexazole 5 EC

Active Ingredient:
Hexaconazole 5%

Mode of Action:
Hexaconazole 5 % SC belongs to Group 3 and, inhibits ergosterol biosynthesis (Steriod dimethylation inhibitor). It is a systemic triazole fungicide, with protective and curative action. Hexaconazole is ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor thereby controlling growth and reproduction of plant fungal pathogens. Hexaconazole is a systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. Used for the control of many fungi, particularly Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes


  • Highly effective systemic fungicide with protective action. it controls wide range of diseases like Powdery Mildew, Scab, Rust, & Wilt.
  • “It can control various diseases in crop like Rice, Wheat, Cumin, Peas, Groundnut, Mango, Coffee, Chilly, Tomato, Grapes, Onion etc.
  • “Translaminar action it is quickly absorbed and translocated within the leaf an system resulting in quick and effective disease control Triple action, Protective, Curative and Eradiactiv.
  • “It gives phytotonic effect and improves the plant visible characteristics yields & quickly produce.
  • “Residual Action: It works within and provides long lasting effect.

Application with Dosage rate

 Crop      Target pest Dosage rate
5 decimal land (Per 10 lit of water) Per acre    Per ha
Rice Sheath blight 10 ml 200 ml 500 ml
Tea Die back,Black rot,Red rot 15 ml 300 ml 750 ml


Pack Size: 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 400 ml

Reg No: AP-1393