Salmocoat Liquid

Salmocoat is a nutritional supplement containing Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 6 & omega 3), Vitamins A & E, Zinc and Biotin that jointly aids in the management of various allergic and inflammatory skin conditions


Omega 6 fatty acids (Linoleic acid 368.4 mg, Gamma Linolenic acid 7.62 mg) 376 mg
Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA 44.1 mg, DI-IA 30 mg) 74.4 mg
Vitamin A 200 IU
Vitamin E 2IU
Zinc 0.4 mg
Biotin 50 mcg


Salmon fish oil, Flax seed oil, Olive oil, Evening primrose oil & Sunflower oil


Puppies / Kittens / Dogs / Cats — 0.5 ml to 1 ml / kg B.wt/ day or as recommended by the Veterinarian