Sico Fish Meal CP60

FISHMEAL CP 60 Crude Protein 60%

Fishmeal replacer / analogue for use in poultry, pig, aquaculture, etc … rations 8/2015

Product Description
Fish Meal Analogue is a high quality, protein supplement that can be used in poultry, pig and aquaculture, etc… rations worldwide.

Fish Meal Analogue contains a nutrient profile comparable to fishmeal which could allow it to be substituted on an equal basis with fishmeal.

Uncertainty surrounding the South American fishing industry and the present E.U. ban on the use of animal proteins, cause concern for the feed manufacturers in their ability to source a stable quality fishmeal or other quality protein sources.

Fish Meal Analogue offers the feed industry worldwide an economical alternative to fishmeal and it is available year-round.

A combination of carefully screened marine and other vegetable proteins, feed phosphates, salts, dl-methionine, l-lysine, stabilized with antioxydant. Does not contain any animal meals. Meets all requirements of latest E.U. regulations.

Standard Specifications
Crude Protein min. 60 % Crude Fat min. 6 % Crude Ashes max. 25 % Moisture max. 8 %

Calcium 3.0 -7.5 % Salt min. 2 % Phosphorus min. 2 %

Methionine 1 % Meth + Cystine 1.5 % Lysine 4.4 % Threonine 2.0 %

Metabolisable Energy min. 2,900 KCal/kg

Antioxydant (BHT : E321) included

In woven polypropylene and polyethylene liner or woven polypropylene + Kraft liner inside of 50 kg net, 21 MTons / 20′ container.

Shelf Life
12 months if stored properly under cool, dry conditions, protected from direct sunlight.


  1. This protein supplement doesn’t contain any added vitamins and trace elements. We can offer you separately our SICO Vitamin & trace elements premixes in various inclusion rates.
  2. Least cost computerized feed formulations service: is available for clients having bought FISHMEAL CP 60 We need an indication of all available raw materials at client’s plant and their respective cost price, and where necessary the analysis of the raw materials (if deviating from standard analysis).