Haychem (Bangladesh) Ltd maintains a world class quality and customer service oriented “Animal Health Division”. We are ensuring EU standard product from European origin. We are exclusive agents of IDEXX USA, SP Veterinaria s.a, Spain Champrix b.v, The Netherlands, Neolait France and SAP International Corporation, BVBA Belgium.

IDEXX Laboratories Inc. is an American multinational Corporation engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of products and services for the companion with Poultry, Dairy, Pet, Water testing etc.

IDEXX ELISA KIT (IVD) will be launched by Haychem (Bangladesh) Limited in 2022.

Our main attention on human health by which we are promoting new generation antibiotic which residue withdrawal period is zero ( Egg) or only one day (Meat) and advanced research products which is the 100% substitute of antibiotic in case of Salmonilla (FT) , E.coli , Necrotic Enteritis & Coccidiosis in poultry.

Haychem have strong Technical & marketing team throughout the country that provides technical support & marketing to the customers.