Haychem (Bangladesh) Limited involved in seed production and distribution from 2013.Haychem’s main field of activity is producing rice foundation seed. We have seed production unit at Raniganj, Dinajpur. HBL have its own warehouse which creates perfect storage conditions before packaging and sale. To achieve excellence in seed production and distribution Haychem always keeps communication with Genetic Resource Division, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute for scientifically producing high quality Rice seeds. Haychem collects breeder seed from them as two season Boro and Aman plus variety BR 11,BR 28,BR 29,BRRI DHAN 34,BRRI DHAN 49,BRRI DHAN 57, BRRI DHAN 33, BINA 7 for producing Foundation seed. Haychem produces seeds following all government rules and regulation. The company not only concentrate on rice but also on potato foundation seed production such as Cardinal, Diamand, & Asterix. Hacyhem plans to increase its operation to produce maize and vegetables seed.