Repacking Unit 1

The Prime repacking Unit of Haychem (Bangladesh) Limited is situated in BSCIC Industrial Estate, Maskanda, Mymensingh. This environment friendly factory is used for all short of repacking of agrochemicals Haychem used. The Repacking unit has all the equipments available for packing agrochemicals in quickest possible way. This unit has all the required government and environmental certification necessary. Our trained Personnel are giving their best to keep the production continue. There is a testing lab as well for quality control to provide the best possible products to the customers. Currently there are around 100 workers working in this facility, and more than 50 different products are repacked here.

Repacking Unit 2

The Second Repacking Unit of Haychem (Bangladesh) Limited is situated in BSCIC Industrial Estate Kalampur, Dhamrai. This unit is primarily for Animal health repacking. Repacking Unit-2 has its own facilities suitable for repacking Animal Health Product and storing them. Also this unit is used for other production means. This repacking unit is fully compliant with all regulatory and environmental issues. Haychem Bangladesh Always tries to provide the best to customers using its facilities.