Champ-Tox Advanced

Champ-Tox Advanced ‹(GMP+Certified)

A tharmostable toxin and pellet binder and mould inhibitor with no effect with feed ingradients

Code 04170

Moulds and • vcotoxins are widely distributed in nature, occurring whenever there is sufficient organic matter, temperature and water for them to reproduce. Because of the large volume of ingredients used for feed that must be stored and distributed on farms, considerable opportunity exists for mould growth to appear. Some, if not all, moulds can produce a • v•otoxin when subjected to stress. These mycotoxins ingested either in large single doses or in small quantities over a long period of time can have adverse effects on the productive capacity, the reproductive efficiency and the health of the animals. To minimize this toxin binders are used for this goal.

Product information
Champ-Tox Advanced consists of a naturally occurring greenish-ivory mineral, a crystalline-hydrated aluminosilicate and yeast which combines two strategies to fight mycotoxins. Activated and purified aluminosilicates provide a broad adsorption range that reduces the bioactivity of mycotoxins. In addition, biotransformation by specific causes yeast-cell fractions for the elimination of mycotoxicity.

Champ-Tox Advanced binds the following mycotoxins:











Vomitoxin (DON)


The distrinctive character of Champ-Tox Advanced is its ability to detoxify mycotoxins (through enzymes). Champ-Tox Advanced is used as a toxin binder, pellet binder and mould inhibitor in animal feed.


  • Champ-Tox Advanced is for the use in all species.
  • 0.5 kg per MT of feed or raw materials*
  • 1.0 kg per MT (and more if needed) of feed or raw materials in case of contamination

1kg, 10kg or 25 kg paper bags

*Above dosage is indicative and is based on a standard moisture content in the feed up to 13.2%. The actual dosage is depending on the rate of contamination & moisture content of the feed. Besides this temperature and storage conditions can also influence the dosage rate.