Champ-Green (GMP+ Certified)

A future product for poultry

Product code: 04560

Champ-Green is made from a mixture of medium chain fatty acids(e.g. caprylic (C8), caprinic (C10) and lauric acids (C12) and essential herbal oils on a vegetable carrier.

Product information
It’s unique combination of bio-active fat components which have a broad antimicrobial effect; various (in vitro) studies have shown inhibition of Salmonella spp., E. Coli, Clostridium perfringens and Eimeria spp. The MCFA’s present are easily digestible and provide available energy in critical stages of development and stressful conditions. In vivo studies have shown that MCFA’s improve gut morphology. Also the ethereal oils have a positive effect on animal-specific enzyme production and therefore improve nutrient digestibility. They also stimulate feed intake. A number of the bioactive fat components present have an antioxidative effect and thus help to protect living cells.

Feeding instruction
Broiler, starter: 2,5kg per mt feed Broiler, grower: 1,5kg per mt feed Broiler, finisher: 1,5kg per mt feed Layer, starter: 2,5kg per mt feed Layer, grower: 1,5kg per mt feed Layer, Layer: 1,5kg per mt feed Breeder, L/B: 1,5kg per mt feed

Pack size: 1kg, 10kg & 25kg