Atchta 1%EC is eco-friendly nontoxic neem based Bio-pesticide containing Azadirachtin A & Azadirachtin B.

Why Neem Insecticide is best?

  1. Neem Pesticide is a natural product, absolutely non-toxic.
  2. It is 100% bio degradeable and environment friendly.
  3. It is completely safe for humans and beneficial insects like honey bee.
  4. It can be mixed with other synthetic pesticide and also enhances their action.
  5. It is a broad spectrum insecticide.

Mode of Action
It exhibits various Behavioral Responses such as Antifeedant, Feeding Deterrent, Repellent, Oviposition Deterrent etc., and Physiological Responses such as Insect Growth Regulator, Molting Inhibitor, Reproduction Inhibitor, Antifertility etc.

Target Crops
Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit crops, Cotton, Oil Seeds, Pulses, Tea, Jute and Cereals.

Effective against on several sucking pests such as Aphid, Jassid, Thrips, Whitefly, Mite, Mealybug, Fruit Borer, Leaf Miner, Jute hairy caterpillar etc.

2 ml/liter water