Pheromones are chemical compounds produced by individuals of a given species that modify the behavior of other individuals within the same species. Depending on the effect they exert on the recipient organism they are characterized as sex pheromones, aggregation, oviposition, dispersal, tracking etc. They are utilized in detecting insect populations (monitoring), for mass trapping and for mating disruption.

Characteristics of insect pheromone

  • They are non-toxic to humans and the environment
  • They are biodegradable
  • The have long lasting action
  • They are highly specialized
  • They do not induce resistance
  • They can cover a wide area

Pheromone Trap

Pheromone Trap has two parts. One is Lure which contain active ingredient used for attracting insects and another is Trap which is normally made by plastic and used for trap/catch insects.