Clean master 18 WP

Active Ingredient:
Acetachlor 14% + Bensulfuron-methyl 4%

Mode of Action:
Selective systemic combine herbicide for control all kinds of weed of rice.

Crops: Rice

Target weeds:

Application with Dosage rate:

Crop Target weed Dosage rate
5 decimal (per 10 lit of water) Per acre    Per ha



Echinochloa crus-galli (শ্যামা)
Cyperus esculentus(হলদে মুথা)
Cyperus iria (বড় চুচা)
Fimbristylis miliacea(জয়না)
Scirpus mucronatus (চেচরা)
Monochoria vaginalis (পানি কচু)
Marsilea quardifolia (শুষনি শাক)                 
10  gm 200 ml 500 gm


Preparation of solution:
Add slowly the required quantity of herbicide to water and stir well with a stick or rod. While preparing large quantity of spray solution, add solution to a bucket half-filled with water, stir and empty this prepared solution into bulk of water

Use instruction:
Apply herbicides prior to weed emergence at 1−3 DAS/DAT.

  • Always mix clean water with herbicides before application. Refrain from using muddy water as this reduces herbicide efficacy.
  • Ensure all equipment, such as spray tanks, booms, and nozzles are well-cleaned after every use.
  • Do not mix herbicides together unless recommended.
  • Apply herbicides at a recommended rate.
  • Remember to wear proper protective equipment (i.e., gloves, breathing mask, goggles, and protective clothing) when spraying.

Pack size: 100 gm

Reg No: AP-3182