Cyclone 2.5 EC

Active Ingredient:
Lambda-cyhalothrin 2.5%

Mode of Action:

Cyclone 2.5 EC is a insecticide that contain a well proven active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin. is a pyrethroid group which disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system of insects and may cause paralysis or death of insect.

Crops: Mango, Potato, Bean, Jute, Tea

Target pest:


Application & Dosage rate:

Crop      Target pest Dosage rate
5 decimal (per 10 lit of water) Per acre    Per ha
Mango Hopper 10 ml 200 ml 500 ml
Potato Cutworm 15 ml 300 ml 750 ml
Jute Hairy Caterpillar 10 ml 200 ml 500 ml
Tea Helopelties 10 ml 200 ml 500 ml


Pack Size: 50 ml,100 ml,500 ml

Reg No: AP-1280