Shut down 25 SC

Active Ingredient:
Lambda-cyhalothrin 10% + Thiamethoxam 15%

Mode of Action:

Shut down 25 SC is a new combination insecticide that contains two active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin is a pyrethroid group which disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system of insects and may cause paralysis or death of insect. Another thiamethoxam belongs to Neonicotinoids that act on a specific protein in the brain of pest insects (the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor) inhibiting their feeding reflex. During food intake, healthy aphids stay nearly motionless on the leaf. After uptake of thiamethoxam, the sucking insect stops feeding and even if death is delayed for 24 hours, the effects are comparable to knock-down compounds,since the feeding stop is irreversible.affected sucking insects do not penetrate the plant tissue again. Shut down 25 SC is very effective against sucking pest & BPH.

Crops: Rice, Chilli, Cotton, Cabbage & Cucurbits crop

Target pest:

Application & dosage rate:

 Crop      Target pest Dosage rate
5 decimal (per 10 lit of water) Per acre    Per ha


Stem borer 2.4 ml 48 ml 120 ml
BPH 1.2 ml 24 ml 60 ml
Cotton Bollworm 2.4 ml 48 ml 120 ml
Mango Hopper 5 ml 100 ml 250 ml
Bitter gourd Fruit fly 4 ml 80 ml 200 ml
Cabbage Caterpillar 2.4 ml 48 ml 120 ml


Pack Size: 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml

Reg No: AP-4034