Haymoxanil 72 WP

Active Ingredient
Mancozeb 64%+Cymoxanil 8%

Mode of Action
Haymoxanil 72 WP is combined fungicide with contact, protective and curative action. The mixture is highly effective when used in plant protection systems for rice, mango and other fruit trees, vegetables, rubber, potato, tobacco, and other agricultural crops.The unique mode of action of Cymoxanil, in combination with Mancozeb provides perfect preventive and curative protection against the target pathogens.Cymoxanil quickly penetrates into the leaf tissue and destroys the already emerging pathogens.Mancozeb forms a protective film and prevents the plants from a penetrationof the future infection.

Application with Dosage rate

 Crop      Target pest Dosage rate
5 decimal land (Per 10 lit of water) Per acre    Per ha
Tomato Early blight 20 gm 400 gm 1.00 kg
Mango Anthracnose 20 gm 400 gm 1.00 kg
Onion Purple blotch 20 gm 400 gm 1.00 kg
Cucurbit Powdery mildew 20 gm 400 gm 1.00 kg


Pack Size
100 gm,500 gm

Reg. No.