Hayprozim 500 WP

Wettable Dispersible Granule(25%+25% g/L)
Versatile Broad Spectrum new combination Fungicide of Dicarboximide and  Benzimidazole Group. 

Active Ingredient
Iprodione 25%+ Carbendazim 25%

Technical Information

A combination fungicide of Iprodione and carbendazim.
Iprodione  is a contact fungicide with protective and curative action.
Carbendazim widely used  fungicide of systemic, broad spectrum with protectant and curative activity.

Unique selling Point:

  • Broad spectrum , protective and curative fungicide. 
  • Hayprozim 50 WP is recommended for the  control of wide ranges fungus on onion, mustard, mango, chilli, soybean, vegetables and other crops.
  • Control one or more fungus complication.  
  • Safe for beneficial insects.
  • Better for seed born disease. 

Application & Dosage rate

Crops  Disease Name  Dose/ha 
Onion  Purple blotch  500 gm 
Mustard  Alternaria blight  500 gm 
Mango  Anthracnose  1000 gm 
Cucurbits  Powdery mildew and downy mildew  500 gm 
Chilli  Anthracnose  500 gm 
Rice  Sheath blight  500 gm 
Tea  Red rust, Die back, black rot  750 gm