Hayron 5 EC

Active Ingredient:
Lufenuron 5%

Mode of Action:

Hayron 5 EC contain lufenuron which is benzyl urea group insecticide and also insect growth regulator (IGR) that inhibits chitin synthesis and thereby prevents Lepidoptera larvae from molting from one stage to another. It acts by preventing the formation of the new cuticle. It also acts on freshly laid eggs by preventing the larvae from hatching properly. Hayron 5 EC is a reliable partner with a valuable residual activity providing long lasting effect on lepidoptera.Hayron 5 EC is characterized by its mode of action, its spectrum of control and selectivity profile that make it suitable for use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Crops: Rice, Chilli, Brinjal, Potato, Jute, Tomato, Onion

Target Pest: 

Application & Dosage rate:

Crop      Target pest Dosage rate
5 decimal (Per 10 lit of water) Per acre    Per ha


Stem borer 10 ml 200 ml 500 ml
BPH 10 ml 200 ml 500 ml
Potato Aphid 5 ml 100 ml 250 ml
Chilli Thrips 5 ml 100 ml 250 ml
Brinjal Whitefly 10 ml 200 ml 500 ml
Jute Hairy Caterpillar 5 ml 100 ml 250 ml


Pack Size: 50 ml, 100 ml ,500 ml

Reg No: AP-3062