Herbikill 10 WP

Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl

Technical Information
Pre or post emergence in wet sown and transplanted rice crops for the control of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds and sedges

Product :  Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl
Brand Names :  Herbikill 10 WP
Category of Use :  Herbicide
Formulation : Wettable Powder

Weeds control: Broad leaved, Sedges & Grasses

Mode of Action

How it work

  • Herbikill 10 WP is a broad spectrum herbicide containing Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl 10% WP, a sulfonylurea class of herbicide. It is a pre-emergent systemic herbicide. The herbicidal activity is derived by inhibition of Acetolactate synthase (ALS) which is essential for synthesis of amino acids. Hence it stopping cell division and plant growth.

Unique Selling Point

  • Low dose-herbicide hence favorable for environmental and toxicological profile.
  • Spectrum of weed Control-Broad spectrum activity, excellent control of Sedges and Broad Leaf weed & fairly good control of grasses.
  • Application Segments – Direct sown Rice (DSR), Nursery & Transplanted Rice.
  • Application flexibility – can be used as spray as well as broadcast.
  • Suitable for most of the crop rotation systems.
  • Safe for growth of Rice crop in nursery and main field.
  • No adverse effect on physico chemical properties and microbial activities in the soil.
  • One of the most economical rice Herbicide.

Application & Dosage

Crops Weeds Dosage
Rice Broad leaved, Sedges & Grasses 125 gm./ha