Plato 7.89 EC

Lufenuron 5.26%+Lambda-cyhalothrin 2.63%

Technical Information

  • New generation Insecticide
  • Two chemical class Lufenuron: Benzoylurea 
  • Labmda-cyhalothrin:Pyrethroid 
  • Formulation:Emulsifiable Concentrate 
  • Appearance/Color :Light yellow liquid  

Odor: Characteristics    


  • Complementary effect:  -Repellency -Knock down -Anti-feeding effect 
  • extreme disturbance in the nervous system of insect by blocking the sodium      channels. Product with strong lipophilicity. Neural membrane disruption(Ion transport disruption)
  • Plato is a good tool for resistance  Insecticides are less likely to become resistant to IGRs.
  • Very effective of Lepidoptera insect. 
  • Control various kinds of insects as shoot & fruit borer,aphids,jassid and all sucking insect. 

Mode  of  Action

  • Lufenuron: is a insect growth regulator which inhibits chitin synthesis and thereby prevents Lepidoptera larvae from molting from one stage to another. It acts by preventing the formation of the new cuticle. It also acts on freshly laid eggs by preventing the larvae from hatching properly. 
  • Lambda-cyhalothrin: Lambda cyhalothrin affects the nervous system of an organism by disrupting the gating mechanism of sodium channels. Pyrethroids disrupt the sodium channel activation gate by keeping it in the open position. Lambda-cyhalothrin causes rapid paralysis and death to an insect when ingested or exposed externally. 

Unique selling Point

  • Used borer & sucking Insect 
  • Quick knockdown of Insect 
  • Relatively Low doses 
  • More neurotoxic & more selectivity 
  • Stomach & contact poison & IGR 

Application & Dosage

Crops  Pest  Dosage 
Brinjal  Shoot & Fruit borer  500 ml/ha 
White fly  300 ml/ha 
Mango  Hopper  300 ml/ha 
Tomato  Fruit borer  500 ml/ha 
Jute  Hairy caterpillar  300 ml/ha