Celcron 50 EC

Active Ingredient
Profenophos 50%

Mode of Action
Profenofos is an Acetylcholine esterase inhibitor. Profenofos is a non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Has ovicidal action on lepidopterous eggs.

Jute, Mango, Mustard                    

Application & Dosage rate

Crop      Target pest Dosage rate
5 decimal (Per 10 lit of water) Per acre    Per ha
Jute Hairy Caterpillar 10 ml 200 ml 500 ml
Mango Hopper 10 ml 200 ml 500 ml
Mustard Aphid 10 ml 200 ml 500 ml


Pack size
50 ml, 100 ml ,500 ml

Reg No