Escape 35 WP

Selective Pre & Post- Emergence broad spectrum Herbicide 

Active Ingredient
Pyrazosulfuron ethyl 0.6%+ Pretilachlor 34.4%

Technical Information
New Generation herbicide 

Two chemical class
Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl: Sulfonyl urea
Pretilachlor: Chloroacetamide

  • Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl is a systemic early post-emergence herbicide
  • Pretilachlor is reliable pre-emergence to early post-emergence control  annual grass,sedges,broadleaf weeds.          
  • Type of formulation: Wettable powder  

Unique selling Point

  • Systemic  pre & post emergence herbicide 
  • Can be used both seeded and transplanted fields
  • Excellent action against annual grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds 
  • Reduce labour cost 

Application & Dosage rate

Crops  Weeds  Dosage rate 
Rice  Scirpus matrimus, Echinocoloa crussgalli,Monochoria vaginallis,Cyperus difformis, Alternaria philoxeroides,Lindernaria anagallis,Frimbristylis miliacea,Cyperus iria.  800 gm/ha