Sentry 25 EC

Sentry 25 EC is a selective, pre-emergence and post emergence herbicide, control of annual broad-leaved weeds and grasses.

  • Product :  Oxadiazon
    Brand Names :  Sentry 25 EC
    Category of Use :  Herbicide
    Formulation :  Emulsifiable Concentrate
  • Crops : Rice, Onions .Rose, fruit trees, citrus, vines, ornamental trees, shrubs, hops, cotton, soybeans, sunflowers.

How it work

  • Sentry 25 EC is a herbicide from the oxadiazole group that has contact, selective and systemic properties, and is used in rice fields to control the weeds after emergence, and in onion fields after planting and before weeds growing.

Mode of Action
This herbicide acts by inhibiting the protoporphyrinogen oxidase enzyme, thus preventing the growth and development of weeds that have germinated and, due to the persistence during the season, lead to wilt and stop their growth. Oxadiazon is rapidly infiltrated into the weed and is absorbed and metabolized through the stems and leaves of the weed, and the remainder does not accumulate in the plant.


Crop Weeds Dosage/ha


Method of Use
Onion Chenopodium 1.2 L Spray when the onions reach 3-4 leaves. Spray when the soil is relatively moist, within 3 days from plant or transplanting and before the weeds reach onion (regardless the soil type and dose)