Speed 71 SG

Speed 71SG is a non-selective, post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual, perennial, broadleaf and grassy weeds.

  •  Appearance : White crystal granules 
  • Odour : Mild odour 
  • Type of Formulation : Soluble Granule (SG)
  • Content of Active ingredient : Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate 
  • Empirical formula :C3H8NO5P
  • Toxicity Class :III [WHO (a.i.)], Moderately toxic

Mode of Action

How it work

  • Glyphosate inhibits the shikimate pathway enzyme EPSPSase(5 enol-pyruvyl Shikimate 3 Phosphate)
  • It inhibits biosynthesis of essential aromatic amino acids needed for protein synthesis 
  • Inhibits biosynthesis of Chlorophyll.

Main Benefits of Using SPEED 71SG

  1. Speed 71SG is a new formulation of ammonium salt of Glyphosate, gives quicker and higher absorption of Glyphosate.
  2. Application of SPEED 71SG have shown remarkably better result such against such hard to kill weed species (Broad leaf/hardy weeds and good rain fastness)
  3. Reduces the weed population and their decomposition makes the soil porous.
  4. It is also effective low  dosage ha-1.
  5. Easily transported to the consumption point.
  6. Time, labour and water can be saved.
  7. Regeneration weed after 60 days from Rhizome  and tuners.

Scope of Use

SPEED 71 SG Can Use in:

1.Orchard garden
2.Fruit garden
3.Cotton field

In — Pre tillage/Post harvest/Pre harvest/After sowing before germination/Before sowing or Germination/Inter-row and non-crop area.


  • Need to Keep weed free surrounding of the main Crop
  • Farmers are advised to go for weed control on bunds & channel s and nearby fallow land


Crop Weeds Dosage/ha


Dilution in water


Tea and non Crops Dicot


2.5 kg 750 L
  • Spray properly green part of weed 
  •  Use 33 gm./10 Litter of water.

For Better Result

  • Spray Speed 71 SG only on target weeds. Do not Spray  on the major crops.
  • Do not Spray on weeds suffering from water stress, drought conditions etc.
  • Spray Speed 71 SG on perennial grasses, broad leaf weeds at least 4 to 8 leaves so that translocation into the plant occur . Very early treatment of vegetation may reduce weed control but good results are obtained by treating mature plant or flowering stage/Seed formation stage.
  • Use clean water.
  • Use plastic container to preparation spray solution. Don’t use metal container.
  • Spray Properly
  • After spraying maximum 6 hours of rain free period is necessary.
  • Rain and high wind at time of application are not desired.


  • Result depend on
  • Weeds—Size, Shape and thickness of leaves, Cuticle, wax deposition and changes in the water and nutrient status .
  • Penetration, translocation to the site of action
  • Environment condition